Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 31

Glad to report that the scale is down 1.9 pounds from my last weigh in, for a new low of 211.6! Even more exciting since the last time I weighed in wasn't on my usual Thursday, it was on Sunday (for my 7 month bandiversary) a mere 5 days ago. Super happy about that, but I'm getting nervous about making my goal of 210 by Monday. See, Aunt Flo is in town and in addition to that, I'm going out to Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday night to celebrate my friend Mary's birthday. I've already decided no alcohol and I know I'm going to get their chicken lettuce wraps for dinner. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any full nutritional information for their menu so I have no idea how much protein or sodium is in it, but it's 676 calories for the full appetizer portion. Also on Saturday, I get to meet Chris, which I'm super excited about. She generously offered to let me interview her for my research class, so that's our excuse to finally get together.

It looks like it should be a good weekend. Sunday is the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, which Ben and I have been going to every year for the past 3. Always a good time. I just hope I don't go crazy with the free samples of food. I'll for sure have to keep myself in check. But I mean, it's 9 acres of walking around, so that's got to count for something. Plus, I'll be pushing my mom around in a wheel chair for that 9 acres, so that should help, too. No worries, nothing's wrong. She's just arthritic and her legs don't work as well as they used to.

Speaking of mommy, I made reservations to go to afternoon tea at a fancy restaurant with my mom as well as Ben's. I'm pretty excited about it. Who doesn't love tiny sandwiches and little bites of food? Should be awesome.

Baby update: Sis-in-law's blood pressure has been pretty good for the past couple days...luckily both she and my brother are nurses so they can easily monitor it at home. She went to the dr on Tuesday and was told that they won't be inducing and she can probably last another week. She has another appt on Monday, so it looks like this baby will be born during my spring break, so I'm super pleased about that.

My God, this post is so much more cheerful than I'm feeling right now. I wonder how that happens? Like, I'm in the worst mood ever and you wouldn't be able to tell from my writing. I don't know if it's Aunt Flo or the rain or what, but I just feel like curling up and being sad all day. Preferably with a heating pad, some tea, tons of chocolate and about twelve super sized orders of fries. But that would probably be a bad idea. I will say that I'm not going to class today. Wish I could call off of work, but we need the money and I'm not dying, so I should probably go. Plus, I don't want to upset any old people by having my company send a replacement. On that note, I'm going to go mope for 4 hours before I have to head out. Hope everyone's having a good week.



Chris said...

Hooray, we're meeting on Saturday!! Can't wait, sweetie, and already have some thoughts put together for you :)

And ooh, high tea? Westin? Grand Concourse? That should be fun - you should totally do fake british accents!

jennxaz said...

oh I love going to tea! Have fun!

Samantha said...

Hope you had fun at the show! Lots of walking should be fun, hopefully the weather stays nice!!
Glad to read your sis in law is doing better!

Ronnie said...

You wouldn't have been able to tell you were in a bad mood that day! Has the baby made its appearance yet? :)