Thursday, November 8, 2012


I miss you guys. I'm a little sad. I need to get back into Blogland. I haven't read or posted in a very very long time. I've been struggling, quite clearly, as my weight ticker has crept back up to 226 (18 pounds higher than my lowest--yikes!)
I thought I'd exercise more and eat better during student teaching. Not so. I'm not sure why I let myself get so bad again. My cooperating teacher is selling candy and chips and stuff in her classroom to help fundraiser for a trip she's taking the kids on to Boston and Salem (we cover the witch trials in our class) and today for lunch, I had a bag of Ritz bits sandwich crackers and a Butterfinger bar. Forgot my water bottle today so I went to the faculty lounge to get a bottle...they were out. I tried getting the only other non-carbonated beverage in the machine, which was iced tea. Also sold out. I'm sitting here drinking a delicious regular Coke that I tried (to no avail) to flatten. Sigh. Old bad habits. How do you get rid of them once you've found yourself slipping back into them?


Elizabeth said...

I dont know how to get rid of them, I am on the same scary slippery slope!!

Chris said...

Sometimes, for me, it's a matter of saying "okay, for the next meal, I'm going to do 'this', and then I'll drink some water." Literally, taking it like an hour at a time.

It is really hard to pull yourself out of a slide - but baby steps are still steps - you can do it!

Poochy Ponders said...

Jackie, come across your blog tonight. A new year starts in just a few days. Make 2013 your year because you deserve it. Would love to see you back focusing on you.