Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 50

50 weeks to the day since my lap band surgery. Weird. So, I had my appointment with the P.A. this morning. She didn't get on me too bad about not having been there in a long time. She was a lot less upset with me than I expected. I told her about how my low was 208 around Easter and then with finals and vacation, I gained 8 pounds and I've been more or less maintaining that since we got back. Told her that I wanted to lose more weight before I came back to see her and that's why I wasn't in sooner, but then I wasn't losing the weight and so I decided it was probably better to come in and be honest with her rather than be stuck at this stupid weight (216.5 on my scale while naked, 219 on theirs, clothed *side note: does your scale differ from the one at your doctor's office? which do you go by?). She said that was good and if I start to gain again, she's the first person I should talk to. I took my food log to her and she seems to think one of the big reasons for my stall is that I was getting too much fat. Now, I feel really stupid about this because it seems so obvious, but no one ever told me an amount of fat that I was supposed to stay under, nor was I ever told to count it. I've just been doing calories and protein. Since she mentioned it it seems like I should have been doing it the whole time and I feel silly, but I didn't know. Oh well. I'm now to stay under 30 grams of fat per day. I'm also eating too many carbs, she said. Will work on it.

We didn't talk much about exercise. I told her about our 4 mile hike while we were camping and how it killed my feet. She told me to invest in a good pair of shoes. She recommended a pair for $190.00. Yeah. Like hell. And she said they need to be replaced every 6 months or 300 miles. HA. Absolutely no way. It just seems preposterous. Maybe when I get a big girl job, but even then, not likely. I was surprised that she actually gave me a fill today. I got .5ccs bringing me up to a total of 3.2. I'm on liquids for two days, then two days of soft then back to regular. She wants to see me back in 4 weeks with my food journal, so I have an appointment on August 17th, 10 days before I start student teaching.

And speaking of student teaching, my teacher called me last night and we talked for about a half hour. She seems pretty awesome. She's going to meet me at the high school this Wednesday so that she can show me the school and introduce me to the administration so that I don't die of fright the first day. I thought that was really nice of her. And she's going to give me a textbook, too, so I can become familiar with it. She said we'd be doing Arthur Miller's The Crucible, for sure. I'm good with that because I read it in 11th grade and they have it on Netflix and I actually just watched it about a month ago. Plus, I feel like some really cool assignments can come from the Salem Witch Trials. I've always been interested in that part of America's history. So, I guess things are falling into place. Can't believe I'm graduating in December. That's all for now. I hope you're all having a fabulous week!



RockBand Barbie said...

Glad she didn't fuss at you much. I have a feeling that when school starts you will start dropping weight. I do every year ath the beginning of the school year because I don't have much time to eat. I'm glad you are going to meet with your cooperating teacher and tour the school. It will make me feel leass stressed on the first day.

Mari said...

Really happy it's all coming together darling! x

Ronnie said...

I knew she wouldn't be too harsh with you - I'm telling you, people go in there DAILY who have gained all of their weight back. I'm sure with 3.2 cc's the fact that you haven't gained more is a miracle.

Also, fuck that nonsense about getting too much fat, there's no such thing. Although, you probably are getting too many carbs... almost everyone is. Wait, I'm going into my keto mindset. Sorry. Never mind! :)

Shoes do need to be replaced every 300 miles, OR you could get a few pairs (even if just the Dr. Scholl's) and alternate them. That'll help your cause. Apparently, shoes need 24-48 hours to get back to normal after wearing them for a day. I read that somewhere.

Now I'm rambling. :-/

trishajo said...

I am glad your appt went okay- I knew it would!

And I think Ronnie and I read the same article/blog - cause I heard the same thing.

I desperately need to drop some $$ on some good running shoes... that's my next big purchase I think! but 199 is a little extreme! you can get fitted for a good pair for around 100

jennxaz said...

glad she wasn't rough on you! You know I don't watch my fat either! 30grams hmmm I better start noticing that more.
Yeah I need running shoes but $190 are you kidding me!