Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Santa!

Good day, bloggers. I know, after Ronnie and  Dawnya's vlog, I should be posting more, but come one...it's finals week. I just wanted to do a quick post to say thank you so much to my Secret Santa! Her gift was really thoughtful...something for my study desk/ future teacher desk :) I've misplaced my camera when cleaning for my Christmas party, but here's a picture from the internet of what she got me...
How cute is that? Love it. Very thoughtful, Secret Santa. Thank you very much :) I hope you have a spectacular holiday season.

As far as posting more, it's just not gonna happen right now. I've got my finals and things, plus we have to go back down to Ben's brother and s-i-l's house because his brother's graduation is this weekend. Got his master's degree, so we're heading down on Friday to celebrate. That's it for now.

Hope everyone's well


1 comment:

Ronnie said...

Sounds like a fun gift. :)

Good luck on your finals.

And I've been meaning to respond to your e-mail, just been lazy! I'll write back tonight.