Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 17

Hello bloggers :)

Hope everyone's doing well on this fine first day of December. Crazy, huh? The year just flew past. That being said, I'm 17 weeks post op today and as you well know, Thursdays are my weigh in day. Today, the scale said 223.8! A loss of 3.2 pounds since last week, 40.6 since surgery, and 54.2 since my high of 278. I am ecstatic right now, let me tell you. My BMI is down to 40.9! So close to just being regular obese instead of morbidly! Weird to get excited about that, but I'm sure you ladies know what I mean. I've been making sure to get my water every day (not gonna lie, I slacked off with that for a few days and it showed on the scale) and I'm really being a good girl and cutting out the bread/rice/pasta. I feel so good that the number keeps going down, and I really am starting to feel it more in my clothes (gonna need new underwear soon--saggy butt syndrome), but I wish I could physically see it in my body. That's sad.

Another sad thing is that I lost a follower today. That's never happened before. I mean, I'm sorry I don't post every day, or even close to every day, but my schedule just simply doesn't allow for it with taking 5 literature classes. So, for those of you following my journey, I really appreciate it. Your support means so much to me. Thank you.

On a happier note, Ben's mom is out of the hospital! She got out on Tuesday and she's doing well. Ben's dad's birthday was this week, so we're going to head up this weekend for a visit to celebrate. There will be cake. I don't care for cake, so I think I'll be ok, but if there's ice cream, I might just have a tiny bit of it. His dad's diabetic, so last time there was ice cream it was sugar free--hopefully it'll be the same this time.

Hmm...what else is going on? Oh! Thanksgiving day was an awful terrible horrible mess of a day. Literally. My plumbing in the kitchen decided to stop working, Ben spent the day using the plunger and pipe snake to no avail. Thank goodness my family didn't celebrate on Thanksgiving day, otherwise I'd cry, I think. I went to work that day and my mom was at my house, so she helped Ben after I left for work. Friday, we called a plumber and after trying to unclog the drain, he said he'd have to crawl under the house (we live in a trailer) and cut a piece of the pipe because they couldn't get it out through the drain. So, that was going to cost $200 dollars, so I called Ben and he said he wanted to try to take the DIY route. So glad he did because the next day, he crawled under the house, tapped on the pipe, and whatever was stuck in there dislodged :) No cutting or anything. He makes me happy.

Sunday, my family celebrated Thanksgiving at my brother's house. My sister-in-law doesn't particularly care to cook, so I do the cooking. I love it. Made a 23 lb turkey, sausage and cornbread stuffing (the only good thing I got out of my relationship with my ex was that recipe), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, crescent rolls, and pumpkin pie for dessert. I definitely ate more than I should have. Felt like I was going to die a little bit afterward. But, I know for sure that I didn't eat as much as I would have pre-band, so I can be happy about that. And now I know for next time not to be an idiot because it really is painful.

On the band front, I go for another check-up tomorrow. I don't think I'll be getting a fill. I think I could take or leave one, really. I'll leave it up to what the NP thinks. I haven't had a PB or slimed or anything, so that kind of makes me nervous because I feel like I should have experienced this. I know it's better for me not to, but not having an experience like this makes me feel like I may have messed something up. I'm paranoid, I know. But, I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow. I'm going to take my computer with me for when I stop at my dad's house after the appt because I have to do my laundry there. Because our washing machine's broken. Sick of being a grown up.

Where's Peter Pan when you need him?

Hope everyone's having a good week. I'm off to go to class.



Caron said...

Awesome! You are doing great. :)

Mari said...

Well done on your weight loss Jackie!! And I think that no having pb'd is a sign that you're doing everything right, not that something's gone wrong! Love your blog so don't take any notice of a lost follower. xxxxx

Ronnie said...

Don't worry about followers, they come and go... and you have 64 of us left who want to read about your life.

Great loss overall and this week. Go get that new underwear!

Also, enjoy not PBing or anything. It's not pleasant. Tons of people never (or rarely do)... it's user error when these things occur, so you should be proud of yourself for not having done. :)

Finding My Moment said...

You are doing wonderfully! I hope to be where you are 17 weeks post-op! In my weight loss experience, its right around 30-40 lbs that everyone starts noticing so watch out, soon everyone will be congratulating you! :)

LaniBani said...

You are doing amazing! Keep it up Mz Jazzy Jackie!!! Always look forward to reading your posts xox

Lucy said...

Great loss... My grannie panties are getting saggy too, so exciting!

Rachel said...

We both lost a follower on the same day! Crazy! You are doing so fabulously - keep it up! xxx

Andrea said...

Congrats on the loss!