Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 24

I'm pretty miserable today. Spending the day at my brother's house doing laundry because our washer is still out of order and has been since before Thanksgiving. Just for a little extra awesomeness, TOM is here. I feel like I could eat the world, but I guess I won't. I'm just going to make this post short and sweet so I can go back to snuggling this blanket. Weigh in this morning was 219.9, which is a .2 lb gain from last week. I'm ok with that, since I'm still under 220. I just don't have much of a desire to care right now.

Hope everyone's doing well.



Caron said...

Hope you get your washer working again soon. I would be forced to go to the laundromat and I hate doing that. Ever onward. :)

Ronnie said...

Don't eat the world! Imagine how hard that would be to PB back up. :(