Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Did I mention I'm a Magician?

It's true. Sometimes I do disappearing acts...like the past week or so. Sorry for that. Lots going on. Mom came over Friday night and she's staying with me til Saturday. Since I'm feeling better, I've been doing a lot more, like Sunday, Ben and I went to the county fair, which was actually pretty boring. Normally we go to the county fair in the county that he's from, which is AMAZING, but this year we went to the one where we live now because it was more convenient. Anyway, at this fair, their petting zoo was so lame, and I'm an animal person, so I love seeing all the different animals, but they were way overloaded on sheep and goats. Boring. The games sucked. Like, even more than normal carnival games. There was a ridiculous number of "pop the balloon with a dart" games. We tend to stay away from those because when we first started dating, Ben accidentally spent 23 dollars to win me a monkey (he got swindled). We never go on any rides because I'm afraid I'm too fat and I'll break something, so that was out. And the only thing I consumed was a bottle of water. I have to say, there definitely would have been a lot more to do without this band.

Speaking of the band, I started my full liquids last week and the potty issues resolved...too well. Now I'm having trouble going :( What do you guys recommend? I've heard Miralax, my mom said prune juice, my grandma said Benefiber, and my dad says "don't take anything until you talk to your surgeon" (which is on Friday) what do you guys think? Like, seriously, I've had TWO bowel movements since last Thursday. This is not good. I never got to an even 20 lb weight loss on the scale. The lowest I saw was 244.7 (a mere .3 lbs away from 20!) and that was the morning I started full liquids. Now the scale's up to 248.something and I feel so sad :( I feel like I'm doing something wrong, but I'm only on liquids, so clearly, I can't be having enough calories to be gaining actual weight, right? I KNOW I don't have enough calories every day to have gained 4 pounds. This is ridiculous.

Also, another exciting thing happened this weekend--my first Costco trip post-op. Ben and mom took me. It was...interesting? I walked around and took samples and chewed them up and spit them out. I feel like I should have some shame about that, but really, I don't. Oh well. Actually, one of the guys passing out samples was a RNY post op. He had his surgery at the same hospital I had mine, so we talked for a good 10 minutes and he was really nice. Told me to come back and see him. Hopefully I can go back and see him after I've lost a good few more  pounds.

I guess that's about it for today. Sorry for taking such a long hiatus. I'll try not to do that again in the future, but, hey, life happens. Hope everyone has a great day!


Cece said...

I was/am the same way ... once I left liquids and started on mush food ... the scale didn't move, then went up, went back down and now has not moved ... in fact, "we" are no longer on speaking or weighing terms anymore. "We" (you and I) have done the right thing by the WLS and just have to weight it out (get it ... weight/wait) .. chin up, my friend ... you'll be great (and I have no bathroom advise)

Robyn's Nest said...

I take benefiber. I am working on week 12 and still have that issue.
I am also up a pound from last weigh in but I know it is not real weight gain (god, I hope not) however, it still has put me into depression.
I lost 20 pounds on liquids and then gained a little back until I was able to get my calories up around 1000. It is normal.

Ronnie said...

I'm ABOUT to start taking Benefiber, b/c I've been having the same problem!

And thank you for your comment on my blog the other day, can't believe anyone would take the time to read back to the beginning of my blog, but I hope it was at least a LITTLE bit informative! lol

Melissa W said...

I was told to take a plain stool softener which worked for me. My doctor also said I could take Miralax. I'd say just don't take a harsh laxative. Use something gentle. (If that makes sense!)

Amanda Kiska said...

Most of us don't "go" like we once did. I wouldn't worry about it until you're back on regular foods unless you are uncomfortable. Stay off the scale for a few days if it is messing with your head. You definitely are not gaining weight on a liquid diet!