Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Week

One week post op and down to 245 pounds from 264.4. I am ecstatic. The first week was pretty rough. I started on my full liquids today, and I have to say, I've never been happier to eat pudding. Yum. My mom generously paid for my protien shakes, vitamins, and sf Torani syrup sampler from amazon. I'm so looking forward to this week. Comparatively, it will be delicious.

On Tuesday, my friends Megan and Eileen came over and they brought me these gorgeous flowers.
They had some lunch with Ben. He made grilled chicken salad. I had a cherry popsicle. Meh.

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare. It was around 8:00 and I noticed that part of my left leg was swelling. Justin and Anna (bro and sis-in-law) are both nurses, so I called Justin and asked him if he thought I should be worried about a blood clot. It wasn't red or warm to the touch, but it did hurt a bit, although not consistently. He said it most likely wasn't, but I got scared anyway and Ben and I went to the ER, where my dad met up with us. Justin came along later. They did an ultrasound on it and they said it was fine. I guess I'd rather be paranoid than dead, but I sort of feel silly about it. I'm relieved though. I've been walking like I should, so I was really upset when I saw the swelling.

Oh, speaking of ultrasound, Justin and Anna went for their first ultrasound today! I'm so excited about my very first niece or nephew. I just can't wait :)

Today, Ben went back to work. I feel  so bad that he spent all of his vacation time with me and we didn't even do anything. He's pretty swell though. After he left, I got a visit from my grandma and my cousin. It was  good to see them. Last time I saw them was a few weeks pre-op. They said they definitely noticed a difference in my appearance. So exciting! They brought me this cute basket with a few different nail polishes, body  wash, lotion, and some sugar free mint chocolate chip gum. We had a nice visit.

Oh, I have kind of a TMI/gross question for you guys, so if you don't want to read about it, stop reading now and have a great day.
It's normal to have liquid stool when you're on a liquid diet, right? I mean, no solid food in=no solid waste out, correct? Just checking, because my "safe discharge packet" from the hospital says that if you have diarrhea then it's probably from a bacteria acquired in the hospital and they can treat it. But, I don't really feel like it's diarrhea, it just seems to me that it's liquid  poo. Thanks in advance for your answers. Take care, all!


dede said...

CONGRATS ON MAKING IT THRU WEEK ONE...AND WHAT A GREAT WEIGHT LOSS!!! Glad you're leg checked out ok...i ended up in the ER three days post op just to make sure my chest pain was gas and not something that was going to kill me!! You're certainly not alone! I think that once you get into full liquids (especially protein drinks) your liquid issues will change...if might report to doc. Stay positive!!! You're doing great!!

Cece said...

Awesome weight loss and I'm glad your leg is okay. I'm a week, I think ahead of you and yes - I always know where the bathroom is - and I am never far from it !

Jessica said...

You are rocking it girly!!!
And it's better to be safe than sorry...I was especially paranoid about the littlest things after surgery!!
My take on the potty issues: liquid in, liquid out. =)

Elizabeth said...

Nice job on the weight loss!!!! I didn't poo forever after surgery so I am not sure on that one.

Justawallflower said...

Wow, you are doing awesome! And yes, liquid in = liquid out! Good times!

Stephanie M. said...

You're doing so well! You and I can be first-time aunts together - my little sister is pregnant with my first nephew - due in December. :-)

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Thanks for the kudos and advice, ladies!

Stephanie, congratulations on your nephew! So exciting!!!

Lap Band Gal said...

Glad you're doing better. Each day does get a bit easier :) HUGS!

Andrea said...

Glad you're doing good and feeling better! My leg kept falling asleep after surgery and I thought I had a blood clot. I called my sister who is an ICU nurse and she said I was just being crazy. Haha! never know! It's better to be safe than sorry.

Lee Ann said...

yeah for me, my "issues" resolved as soon as i moved from clear liquids to full liquids (& protein shakes).

Dr. J said...

OK, so I found your blog through Ronnie (she and I were banded the same day) and I was enjoying reading it and then I lost it sometime today and have just now refound it!

I am looking forward to following your journey and cheering you on. I am brand new to blogspot and 8 months banded.

Looks like you have amazing friends and family around you...that goes a long way!

Dr. J

Samantha said...

great job!! So glad you are doing better!! You have such an awesome support system girl!! So many visitors!!
<3 Sam