Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 Months Out

I wish I had something totally epic to say, but I really don't. I can't believe how much weight is already gone forever from my poor little 5'2" body. Before I had the surgery, I'd read blogs that talked about the fear of putting on all the weight back on overnight and I just kind of brushed it off and thought it was a silly thought. But, for the ladies who've posted about that, I totally understand now. It's amazing what this surgery can do to the mind. That's something I'll have to work on.
I ordered a new battery for my camera, hopefully that'll be the solution and the camera itself isn't damaged. But, as soon as I get batteries for that or get my mom's camera working (cause she's totally awesome and doesn't understand technology so she gave it to me) I'll be posting 2 month pictures. Here are my measurements that I had Ben take a few days ago:

Bust: 49.5 (-.5)
Under Boobs: 40.5 (-3)
Waist: 53.5 (-4)
Place where I wear my pants: 52 (-4)
Hips: 54 (-1)

I didn't feel like doing the arms and legs, quite honestly, but those look like some pretty okay numbers to me. So far, I'm really pleased with my progress in numbers, but I'm having trouble seeing the changes in myself. I feel like I'm a little girl again and there's something exciting going on and I'm saying "I can't see, I can't see!" I don't think daddy can pick me up and put me on his shoulders to help, either. I'm really antsy about getting one of these cameras working because maybe in the comparison pics, I'll be able to notice a difference.
Well,  I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for everyone who's been posting about BOOBs. Looks like it was a blast.

Good night, all.



Rachel said...

Happy Bandiversary!!! I am just a little over two months out - yay progress! xxx

Sarah G said...

You are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work!

Mari said...

Good on you! I look forward to seeing progress pics! x

Melissa W said...

You are doing AMAZING!!!!!! YAY!!